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Miro authentification / authentication and reference texts
I see people wasting their good money on fake Miro items all of the time and I can help you avoid this. How can I help you? First of all, I am a Miro collector. I own over 100 Miro lithographs. Secondly, I own all of the reference books for Miroís lithographs (volumes 1-6), engravings (volumes 1-4), illustrated books (Cramer), and posters (Corredor-Matheos). I also own a lot a reference material for Meaght, who was Miroís dealer in France and published Derriere Le Miroir. See the photo of a portion of my Miro reference library When you buy my service, email me a photo or refer me to an auction listing and I will look through the all of these Miro reference books and tell you 1) if it matches the listing in the reference book (image size, paper size, medium, watermarks, edition size and numbering etc.); 2) if it is a piece that should have an original signature or not; and 3) what questions the seller needs to answer to get the necessary information to determine whether the item is real. Based on these I can make a call if the item is not authentic. Based on this call, you can decide to buy the item, if you like it, as a decorative item, but not spend big bucks. However, what I canít guarantee for you is whether the item is authentic, for this I would need to examine the item in person. So, I will let you know whether it is not authentic, or whether it is possibly authentic. I can also send a scan of the page from the reference book. And, I am offering a full refund minus PayPal fees if you are not satisfied with the information that I provide you.

$45 per appraisal.
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